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Balance and teamwork
Economic/workforce development
Tax reform for property owners
Commitment to permanent flood protection
No interest student loans
Investment in early childhood education, including Head Start

Banker, Economist & Community Leader.

A citizen tired of partisanship in the Legislature. A leader ready to bring balance back to North Dakota.

“I spent my entire career in the financial services industry, retiring as a Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank. I know numbers, budgets, investments and the importance of long range planning. I believe my background, combined with my extensive community involvement, has prepared me to represent the needs and wishes of District 41 and the state of North Dakota. I will not spend legislative time and taxpayer dollars on school logos and unconstitutional initiatives. I do not believe we should dissolve the Board of Higher Education and I would NOT vote to reduce the oil extraction taxes like my opponents Al Carlson and Bette Grande have done. They have gone too far!” You can expect more from me.
card-cartoon North Dakota has over 23,000 job openings today. We are #1 in the nation for students graduating with loan debt. North Dakota is unique in many ways, one being that we have our own state bank. No other state can say this. The Bank of North Dakota contributed over $94 million in profits to our general fund last year. North Dakota needs educated, skilled workers. Graduates need help to pay off their loans. When elected, I will introduce a bill for individuals that live and work in ND for no-interest student loans through the Bank of ND. A win, win for everyone. A way to recruit and retain our workforce and a way to help our graduates and their families.
card-education Research has shown that children who attend preschool are less likely to: repeat a grade, require special education, become teenage parents and commit crimes. They are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to higher education. Yet, my opponents, Al Carlson and Bette Grande, have consistently voted against state funding of early childhood education, including Head Start. They claim to be about “Common Sense and Business Sense”. It seems to me from a Business Sense, investing in our future workforce, makes Perfect Sense. But more than that, it is the right thing to do. If elected, I will support our children, our future.

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On the Radio: Corporate Taxes

Listen to Pamela Anderson’s views on corporate taxes here.   Welcome to North Dakota Legislative Review. In the 2013 legislature, Al Carlson and Bette Grande supported a cut in the oil extraction tax, which is mostly paid for by out-of-state oil companies. It’s a scare tactic, and they want people to believe if the tax …

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